Below is a list of LISP routines that work on AutoCAD for Mac. These have been tested to work, but please use with caution as  neither the creators nor I accept any responsibility for these routines or how they are used. Please use at your own risk.

These routines were gathered / indexed from a number of sources and I claim none of these as my own. Wonderful sites who have contributed to this list include Lee-Mac ProgrammingMacAcadFreeCADapps.com, as well as miscellaneous forums and posts.

Again, the purpose of this page is to provide an index of routines that work specifically on AutoCAD for Mac, as they are “vanilla” LISP only, with no other call languages. If you have any to add, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!


Single Line Text to MTEXT converter – txt2mtxt.lsp

Explode block but keep layer / attributes intact – burst.lsp

Setting solid or gradient Rendering backgrounds – SetRenderBackground.lsp

Removes the Paper image from Layouts – LAYOUT_ELEM.lsp

Utility for editing the color of elements in the interface – UIcolor.lsp

Paste as block – Paste_as_block.lsp

Group tools utility – Group Tools

Quick Select Tool –SSS.fas-v1.2.zip

Layer States Manager tool – LayerStates v.1.2.zip

Creates a rectangle and a text number inside – AFBUTTON.LSP

Creates a set of numbers at user specified start / increment / distance – AN.LSP

Creates an arc with arrows on the endpoints – ArrowArcV1-1.lsp

Creates text on a arc using center / midpoint of an arc – ARTEXT.LSP

Creates a calendar based on user specified size / dates – CAL.LSP

Allows user to adjust the radius of multiple circles by a value or factor – CH_RAD.LSP

Add a prefix or suffix to text – PSAD.LSP

Similar to the ArrowArc routine, but creates an arc with one arrow and text – ARCARROW.LSP