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So, welcome to Mac n CAD, my first foray into blogging. Topics will range from AutoCAD customization, tips and tricks, to Apple computers and technology in general. My posts may be as general as an observation on a recent announcement or as specific as a new line of code in a lsp routine thats been bugging me. My grammar is average elementary and my sense of humor is a little off, but assume most jokes are meant to be interpreted with a wink and a nod, so don’t take offense.

Mac n CAD is our social media side, IMPACT Designs, LLC is our business side. I have been using AutoCAD for 15 years in varying disciplines including residential and commercial architecture, civil / landscape design, electro-mechanical engineering, telecommunications and I am also a Certified AutoCAD expert.  Aside from teaching AutoCAD at the college level for 4 years, I also worked for Apple® Retail as a certified Apple Genius® and later as a Business Specialist, assisting small business customers in converting from PC environments to Mac. These experiences have given me a unique insight into the problems and challenges small businesses face in both migrating from a PC environment to a Mac one as well as the specific issues designers, Architects and engineers face everyday.

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And here we . . . GO!