That time of year folks! And I don’t mean back-to-school (Who really cares about that anyway? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
Personal observation: All summer my news feeds are full of “What we know about the next iPhone” type posts. Rumored new features, leaks, sketchy photos and more. As someone who used to work retail for Apple, I can tell you, unless you work at Apple Corporate, NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING.
They just don’t. Unless a person works for Apple (and directly with the product development / marketing teams) or work for a partner that has multiple NDA’s, no one KNOWS what Apple is going to release until it strolls across the stage. There are always suspicions and predictions, which are fine as long as thy make it clear that is what the article has to offer: someone’s opinion. Speculation. Rumors.
And some of these articles are very well put together, with multiple sources of out-of-focus pics and CAD mockups or photoshop images.
Again, just rumors, but I’ve heard of employees tasked with working on projects that are not really for release, but are more of a Canary trick to weed out leakers. I’ve also been told that software developers have been brought in to test / write software for new hardware without ever seeing the actual hardware. They get a mouse, keyboard and a 3rd party screen that is hooked up to a black cabinet.
Apple takes it’s privacy very seriously, and while things do seem a bit more relaxed as of the last few years, I can still tell you: No one KNOWS anything. Until September 12th that is . . . .

Check out this article over on OSXDaily which has some speculation and expectations.ย