iPad Pro vs 12″ Macbook

I LOVE my iPad Pro 10.5″.I purchased the original 12.9″ iPad Pro when it was released but found it just little big for my needs, especially when walking job sites and taking measurements. I sold it and replaced it with the 9.7″ iPad Pro when it was released and found it to be the perfect size IMO. It was small / thin enough to hold with one hand, but large enough to provide drawing room and comfortable reading. I upgraded to the 10.5″ for the extra screen real estate, and while it has been nice and the screen is definitely gorgeous, it was just marginally bigger than the 9.7″, and necessitated new cases / folios, which was disappointing (some folios I had used since the first iPad Air, as they were accommodating enough to flex a few fractions of an inch, but the new iPad Pro 10.5 is just barely too big for most of my old folio style cases.) With the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro has made a HUGE impact on my business. I spent over $500 over the years on various styluses, all the way back to the very first iPad, but the Apple Pencil was definitely the best of all of them.

Take a look at this interesting comparison over at AppleInsider where they pit a 12″ MacBook against the new iPad Pro.