In my career I have been incredibly fortunate to work directly with Autodesk and their amazing employees. This began back when I shoe-horned my way into the development of AutoCAD for Mac back in 2009. I became a bit of a thorn in the AutoCAD for Mac team’s side and was rewarded by visiting not only Autodesk’s offices in San Francisco but also later visiting the team themselves in Shanghai back in 2014.

I have been lucky enough to meet / speak with Marcus on more than a few occasions. He headed up the AutoCAD for Mac team as Project Manager for about a year before moving up the ladder to his current position. And as involved as I am in the AutoCAD for Mac community, I was able to have a few chats and get to work with Marcus over the course of that short year. I found Marcus very personable and very professional, as well as knowledgeable about not just AutoCAD but the engineering / drafting community as a whole. I’m very happy to see he has settled into his role as Senior Product Line Manager for AutoCAD and wish him all the luck in his (newish) position!

Take a look at Marcus O’Brien’s “behind the scenes” article over on the Autodesk Blogs