I have a number of HomeKit devices and I’ve been playing with connected devices / voice automation for a while now. I have door locks, light switches, light bulbs, a thermostat and a handful of sensors. If I had a garage I’d have a door opener too, I’m sure. I’m still looking to expand the number of lights I can control, and I have a ceiling fan / light that I can control with my phone but it is not HomeKit, which is the whole point of HomeKit. Just in my house I have 5 different manufacturers of these connected devices. It would be a nightmare to try to manage them all separately and disparately. Thanks to HomeKit, I can use a single interface and work any of them, including setting up scenes, like my “I’m home” that unlocks my door, turns on my living room light, and sets the thermostat (which I might add was smart enough to know that I had left and adjusted the temperature accordingly, without my intervention.) I can control this by just saying “Hey Siri, I’m home” or tapping a button on my iWatch.

9to5mac has a great article explaining some basics including Tim Cook’s own comments on his own use of the technology.

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