Welcome to the newly revised MacnCAD.com!

I’ve spent some time and revised my thoughts / intentions with this site. I absorb / consume a lot of technology news (I have a set of about 20-30 websites / blogs I read more than twice every day, not to mention Facebook & Twitter feeds.) My plan / hope is to pull out the stories I find most interesting / useful and aggregate them into a single site where an architect, designer, engineer, CAD drafter or just a Mac enthusiast might visit once or twice a day to catch up on general CAD / Design / Apple news.

The post feeds have been categorized in 3 main feeds:
Around the web – General Apple / CAD news from various sites / sources
How to – Walk through articles from varying sites as well as my own tutorial videos
Focus – Highlights of especially interesting articles as well as longer form commentaries by myself and reviews.

A new series called “What I use” will be featured as well. In this series I will explain why I use a specific piece of hardware or software in relation to my work or personal life. These will include products like webcams and microphones for recording tutorials, speakers and stands as well as iOS apps and desktop applications I use everyday.

My goal is to link to at least one or two articles every day with another feature on a weekly or two-a-week basis if time permits. As I mention in my About page, my grammar is elementary school at best and most comments are meant to be read with a wink and nod so don’t take anything I say with too much seriousness.

If you have an article / story you are particularly interested in, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Feel free as well to email me with questions / comments and please be sure to take a the Services page!